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Alex Launches Own Sim Racing Team - Alex Cascatău Digital Motorsport (ACDM)

The Romanian sim racing landscape can now count on one more team that’s ready to tackle the country’s most competitive virtual series, Racing League Romania (RLR), as well as some of the world’s elite sim racing championships.

It was all the way back in 1964 that Bob Dylan opened „The Times Are A-Changin’” with a track by the same name, one that urged people to embrace change, not belittle its propagators. It would be appropriate to assign defending Romanian Endurance Touring Car (RES TC) division champion Alex Cascatău to the category of propagators in Romania’s burgeoning sim racing landscape. After all, he has crowned himself champion amongst the real-life racers in RLR merely a few weeks ago and is also a past Overall champion of the series.

Now, having amassed an impressive amount of experience, both away and inside the sim rig, Cascatău is ready to impart his knowledge with others as well as help Romania’s future sim racing stars to grow and mature. He’ll do just that through Alex Cascatău Digital Motorsport as the outfit’s manager and owner and the work’s already well underway with the next RLR season set to kick-off on January 9 with a two-hour race around Kyalami in Assetto Corsa Competizione.

The team follows in the footsteps of all of the serious sim racing organizations from abroad as it embarks on this journey alongside two key partners in Textar and Aqyris. Each company will back one of AC Digital Motorsport’s two cars on the RLR grid and it’s the team’s aim to promote all of its partners both in national competition, as well on the world stage. Indeed, it was Cascatău himself who got the chance to do battle with some of sim racing’s finest pro pilots in the SRO E-Sports league just last year. The team aims to build on those exploits and partake in more international events although its main focus is on RLR.

The Textar car will be driven by Mihai Belașcu and Bogdan Honțaru while it will be Cascatău himself who’ll be partnered by fellow RLR ace (and past champion) Cristian Berindea in the Aqyris-liveried car. Following the example set by bigger squads, the drivers will be remunerated for their efforts as the team aims to train its `junior` duo of Honțaru and Belașcu throughout RLR’s Spring season.

Besides all of the virtual racing and 1-on-1 coaching, AC Digital Motorsport is also offering real-life coaching opportunities with Alex. In other words, whether real-world racing or digital racing is your thing, you can be sure that ACDM is there to help you improve as a driver and, as more and more talented drivers join the AC Digital Motorsport stables, the number of available coaches will only increase!

For now, though, the focus is on South Africa’s Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, the first real test for #ACDM.

Alex Cascatău: „It’s no secret that setting up my own e-Sports team has been a long-standing objective of mine and, with the creation of Alex Cascatău Digital Motorsport, it’s finally happening.
We’ve got a great mix of young and experienced drivers. For the time being we want to tackle the RLR establishment and we hope to make all our partners proud both in that arena. We're also considering international series, boosted by success last year, and I'm sure you'll see us in top-level international championships soon enough.
I'm keen to set up a professional team for all our members and tie virtual crews up with real partners, so all our main sim racers all get paid to race. A bonus system, related to performance is what I want to set up in the future. In the meantime, the objective is to build all our tools from the ground up and perform as well as possible in the upcoming RLR season, both in iRacing and ACC.”
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